Peer Beta Review – BCM325

With our betas recently coming out it was time for another peer review, with freedom to pick who you wanted to give feedback to, I tried to pick people doing topics that I am somewhat knowledgeable in and that I can provide good feedback to them.  With that being said, it was specifically people talking about gaming as my Beta is a podcast about gaming.

Comment 1Emma’s Beta

comment 1

With Emma’s beta, she talks about an online gaming platform called ‘Adonis’ which is suppose to be a platform similar to that of steam and google Stadia. It was made clear that with Adonis it wasn’t meant to be anything related to cross-platform gaming but more or less a gaming platform that can go on ANY platform. Something like this seemed really interesting to me and I briefly mentioned the potential of in the future being some way of being able to have cross-platforming possible all through a single app. She bought up examples such as Steam and Stadia, I chimed in with some advantages of both and what could go wrong with new gaming platforms and linked one article and one quora discussion that I think can help in terms of helping with Adonis.

Comment 2Jack’s Beta


I chose to give feedback on Jacks beta as I have touched on the topic in my own digital artifact and I think his idea is great. Jacks plan is to create a podcast that talks about the future of micro transactions in sports games. I don’t play many sports games but I do play a lot of games and I covered MTX in an episode of Comino and Cuffy (my DA), with the knowledge I had from researching into that I linked him two examples and gave him the topic of the ‘problem gambling’ involved in MTX with games. I linked him an article about a Runesacpe player who spent 62,000 in MTX and a man who spent 2,000,000 in a mobile game. There is so much to to talk about in MTX, and I gave him some examples as potential topics for his podcast. I also linked him my DA podcast in case he wants to check out my DA and see how my podcasts are done, specifically the one I did on MTX in gaming.

Comment 3Anthea’s Beta


I gave feedback on Anthea’s beta as I feel like her digital artifact is really unique, the topic is super interesting and I haven’t seen something like it before. She is analyzing the use of time travel in media such as films and television. She took feedback from her pitch and has implemented it into her beta which is really good. Her methodology for this DA is really strong and she seems to have a good idea of what she is going to do for her blog posts. I gave some suggestions for potential examples to look such as Legends of Tomorrow which is more of a ‘fun’ twist on time travel involving superheroes and what not. I also linked an article and suggested the idea of maybe doing a blog post about the history of time travel in movies as i think that can make for an interesting blog post on the topic.

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